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The story... 

This whole story began a sad November day when my roomate and I were looking into our empty refrigerator. I told him in dramatic fashion: «We should make some extra cash as soon as possible». But how could two university guys, overloaded by courses and homework, get some fast and honest funds? He then said «The internet! You should do something like the guy who got a home by trading for a paper clip, or this other guy who made 1 million dollars by selling publicity spots on his webpage».

So I promised him that I would do so if he found an original way to do it. As he was wondering about a funny challenge, he gazed at the last onion that was left in the cupboard. 

I said: «huhh ???». he said: «yeahh !». I said: «no, you can't do that». He said; «Yes I can». I said: «What now?». He said:  «Alright... this will be your challenge: You must make one million dollars, by getting 50grams of onion peels for free, and then, haggling them until you get rich. »

What??? I replied. «50 grams of onion peels? Ok ! Sounds fun. But do you realize how many single onion peels that represents?»

Smiling from head to toe, he said: « Yes, I do! Original is it not... ?»

So, I began to obsess day and night about that funny challenge. I couldn’t take it anymore. And thus, began the Quest... of the 50 grams of onions peels to trade!

Thus came to me the idea to find onion skins and the challenge of speculating about their worth by offering the future owners or sponsors of them an advertising space on my Web site. 

Since January 16th, I began selling them on eBay! And I was surprised to see that hundreds of curious people came to see how much an onion peel could cost! 

Special thanks to those who bought the first peels!

Have fun, happy bidding ! 




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