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Terms and conditions

Please, read carefully before bidding.

You are bidding on the sponsorship of one real dried onion's peel.
Wow !

The winner of the auction will get the granted right to submit a banner and a link which will be published on the main page of www.thegoldenquest.com until may 2012.  His name or business name will also be published in the «owner's page» of the site.

  • Banner size must be 113 pixels width by 56 pixels height.

  • Images must be under 200k.

  • Link must begin by «http://», site must be in english. 

  • I don't accept animated gift.

  • No Adult/resentful/offensive/illegal website and images will be accepted.  

  • Customization of the ads space and of the link can only be done once. I don't modify publicity spaces after they have been published.

  • If the link become or is redirected to Adult/resentful/offensive/illegal, the link will be removed until the advertising sponsor give me a new link that respect thoses «terms and conditons». After two times, sponsorship, links and banner could be revoked and made available for a new auction for this site.

  • You can also ask to remove your ads space at any time.  I will also make it available for a new onion's peel sponsorship auction for this site. 

  • We don't refund any dry onion's peel sponsorship for any reason others than rejected images or website, before to publish it. (I don't refund any sponsorship one's the ads space as been published.)

  • I'm the only one that accept or refuse site/banner submitions on my web site.

  • The buyer can also offer his publicity spot to a Charity Organization such as the first buyer did. 

  • Buyer must pay by Paypall within 48 hours of the auction’s end. 

  • Add 2 USD $ to your payment  for shipping if you want to receive a homemade certificate with a real peel from the challenge.  

  • Shipping location can vary for the certificate.  

  • Onion peel on the picture is a sample and does not represent the one you will receive.

  • I do not grant any traffic augmentation to your web site but I think it will be terrific pretty soon !  

  • You can buy more than one banner, even combine them in a giant screen but you can't merge them. (respect the separation) 

Note that about 120 onion peels will be sold during the challenge. 

I will send you a template which is a .jpg format file if you need it.

Down Time of TheGoldenQuest.com can occur (as for maintenance).  I will try to minimize them much as i can.   

TheGoldenQuest.com (I) can modify theses terms and conditions, and the agreement it create, at any time by updating this page without noticing you. 

Have fun, advertising your web-site on an original way ! 


The first onion's peel sponsorship seller on the net, 


Marc Tardif.


Date: 26-04-08 (D-M-Y)

Feel free to contact me for any question at: infos@thegoldenquest.com

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